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Jay Adamsson

Advanced Learner Program

As a diagnostic tool, advanced mentoring options are targeted towards operators and businesses that have most online elements in place, are somewhat adept at using them but would like to learn more advanced ways to use them effectively, use them cohesively in an integrated marketing strategy or adopt new trends and technologies in their business and marketing plans. may provide financial assistance to tourism operators who wish to participate in a further diagnostic mentoring to help promote their products and businesses. Click here to learn more about the Advanced Learner Program.


Questions To Ask Your Web Developer

If you’re hiring someone to build your website, there’s more to it than simply calling up a random website company and ordering a new website.

The tourism industry has whole-heartedly embraced on-line technologies for a very good reason – that’s where the customers are. Most hotel rooms these days are booked online, with many visitors coming without ever calling and speaking to anyone local before they even set foot in the region. Websites for tourism operators are often the only opportunity there is to connect with visitors before they actually show up.

But if you aren’t immersed in the online culture (and even if you are) there are a lot of things you need to know. This one-page document from Prince Edward Island’s Analytic-OR lists some of the basic questions you should be asking your web developer. We think the first one is very critical – we’ve seen tourism businesses lose their website, realizing too late that the person or company they hired to create their website didn’t give them full ownership.


Digital Marketing for Tourism Operators

Learn tips and tricks for promoting your business online. This 2-hour workshop with Suzanne Scott focused on the basics of creating a website and specific tools for driving traffic to your tourism establishment with social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). All levels of knowledge will gain some insight to social media and the Digital Tourist.

Suzanne Scott is a leader in the craft industry. She is a potter and marketer of her family business, Village Pottery. She has used digital marketing to greatly increase sales to Village Pottery and has been training other small business owners to do the same. Suzanne manages over a dozen social media accounts and is an event planner with the Etsy Artisans of PEI as well as PEI Crafts Council President.

Social Media 101

Intro to social media webinar that teaches the basics of what social media is.

Keeping Up With Google

Learn why being “mobile” is so important. This webinar also touches on the new algorithm google recently launched.